Laser teeth whitening - Good or Bad?

by Nick Seth August 28, 2015

These days there are a lot of options available to those who want to bleach their teeth. Many
prefer home teeth whitening kits while others prefer to go to the dentists office. The newest
method of teeth whitening is laser teeth whitening or power whitening, which is supposed to be
able to lighten your teeth by 5-6 shades. Laser Teeth Whitening has both pros and cons and can
only be performed by a professional dentist. Many beauty parlours offer laser teeth whitening
but you shouldn't be tempted. So what is laser teeth whitening anyway? And what are the pros
and cons? Lets get started!
Laser Teeth Whitening involves exposing your teeth to laser light to whiten them. First, the
dentist will put a dam in your teeth to protect your gums, and will then paint your teeth with a
bleaching agent. Next, your teeth are exposed to light and voila! Beautiful, white teeth. The
process can take anywhere from one hour to much longer, depending on how long your dentist
thinks prudent. So is laser teeth whitening the option for you?
1. Works better than any other kind of whitening; laser teeth whitening can lighten your teeth by
upto 5-6 shades. This is a great deal more than other whitening products are capable of.
2. One hour of whitening, effective for nearly 3 years. While not permanent, laser teeth
whitening can last you up to three years provided you avoid teeth staining drinks/foods.
3. Since it can only be performed by a professional, at a registered dentists office, it is also the
safest kind of whitening process.
1. People undergoing the process have complained of sensitivity, heightened sensations of
cold/hot and irritation both during and after the process. If the sensations, irritation or
sensitivity are incredibly severe then you may need to contact your dentist.
2. Laser teeth whitening is an incredibly expensive process, costing above $600. This is
obviously not something everyone can afford.
3. Once the laser teeth whitening is over, care must be taken to keep your teeth white. That
means adjusting your toothpaste and your lifestyle. Tea, coffee, wine etc. should be avoided in
order to prevent the bleaching from wearing off.
So laser teeth whitening; yea or nay? That of course, depends on you but hopefully this article
has given you the information required to make a decision.

Nick Seth
Nick Seth