Don’t feel confident about your smile? Have stains, or maybe yellow teeth? Then Crest 3D Luxe Professional Effects or Crest 1 hour express is the solution to all your problems. It works like a dream to remove stains accumulated over 14 years.

Why go for a professional whitening session then? These crest whitening strips are every bit as effective, and they spare you the hassle of waiting in a dentist’s office too. You only have to put them on for half an hour- and you can talk and eat while they’re on as well!

They’re also so safe-they use the same enamel safe teeth whitening agent that dentists use. Really, it’s a great deal. You save both time and money and the results can last up to a year. They’re also so portable; you can’t carry your dentist around with you, but you sure can carry these around.

Still hesitating about the buy? Then why not try for one of the smaller packs? Either way, you get the best treatment for your discolored or stained teeth for a fraction of the price that your dentist would have charged.

Wanting a peroxide free product ?  Then we have that too with our NEW Blanco Supreme Teeth whitening strips - safe, effective teeth whitening in just 14 days - great price too!

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