Cartier Love Bracelets, Nail Bracelets, Louis Vuitton Nanogram Bracelets, Hermes H Bracelets- *Clearance see note

We have a clearance on certain lines - all the same top quality as the full price lines just tiny imperfections that are barely visible but we will not sell at full price hence the bargain prices as listed

All come in a pouch and no limit on how many you can order

Cartier Love Bangles in 16, 19, 21cm

Cartier Childrens Love Bangles (Hinged) Gold, Silver 11, 13, 15cm

Cartier Pave Diamond Bangles in 16cm and 19cm

Slim bracelets one size 17cm

Hermes one size 17cm

Nanogram bangles one size 17cm (fits up to a 19cm wrist snug)

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